Safer Contact Sports For Kids?

Concussions Might Be Able to be Prevented in the Future



January 29th Show:


What if we told you that using new, certified products to monitor and minimize brain trauma could reduce the risk of conucssions and long-term brain damage?  Well, that possibility now exists thanks to the Sports Legacy Institute's "Hit Count" Certification Program that collaborates with leading concussion experts and head sensor device companies.


Dr. Gerry Gioia from the Children's National Medical Center and George Washington University School of Medicine talks to Youth Sports Now about the technology, the research and all the factors that go into protecting our young athletes from concussion.


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Youth Sports Now will guide listeners through the topics that surround the role of youth sports in our society.  The show promises to capture the essence of development through sports and beyond.  From pee wee sports (Age 5) right through to collegiate athletics, the focus is on the athlete and not the score or result of the game.


Well-being takes on an imporant role on the show as Peak Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Training is the title sponsor of the program and is committed to bringing young athletes to their "peak performance" safely and effectively.  Each week they will offer information and tips on staying healthy, fit and prepared.


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You have a VIP ticket to learning more about youth sports, your child/athlete and their adventure in athletics.  Sports can set the foundation of a person for a lifetime, but it has to be handled with care and compassion.  Today's young athletes may or may not be future Major Leaguers, but they will certianly have a major league impact on our world.


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